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  • Elite Gamerz Forum Rules :

    1-Respect other people 
    2-Racism or any type of personal attacks are not welcome in our forum 
    3-Advertisement of any kind of sites isnt allowed 
    4-Spamming in chatbox or in threads isnt allowed 
    5-Filing an unban request over a month after your ban was issued will result in an automatic rejection of your request.
    6-Links of illegal games are not allowed here!
    7-any user is allowed to have only 1 account in this forum , if we find that he has multiple accounts he will get banned from both accounts
    8-Do not impersonate other members of the community.

    9-Creat A New Topic For Requests Else It will Rejected and trashed


    Elite Gamerz Server Rules:

    FFA Server Rules: 
    1-Respect other players
    2-Rasicm and insulting are not allowed 
    3-camping for long time isnt allowed
    4-advertising to any other sites or servers will lead you to be banned
    5-ghosting other players while you are dead isnt allowed
    6-using any type of hack or script will lead you to be banned
    7-spamming leads to be gagged then banned 
    8-delaying and not doing your objectives (Plant the c4, Rescue the Hostages) will lead you to be banned 


    Zombie Plague Server Rules: 

    1-Respect other players 
    2-any kind of hack leads to a permanent ban 
    3-Blocking other players from entering the base leads to be warned then banned
    4-Building up LaserMine on the air leads to be kicked then banned 
    5-Ghosting (tell alive people where is the hidden enemy)isnt allowed
    5-Spamming in the server leads to be gagged then banned 
    6-Advertising of any kind of sites isnt allowed
    7-Glitching other players or moving platform isnt allowed
    8-Delaying and not trying isnt allowed and leads to be banned
    9-First and Second zombies are not allowed to use antidote or reconnect.
    10-if you find any bug/glitch should be reported on forum , if we catch you using these bugs/glitches will lead you to be banned


    Admin Rules:

    1-Admins are obligated to record a demo when use permanent ban
    2-Admins are obligated to follow Banning Rules carefully
    3-Admins are not allowed to weaponize other players
    4-Admins are not allowed to glow other players
    5-Admins are not allowed to glow themselves with invisible glow
    6-Admins are not allowed to change team from TERRO to CT or vice-versa in any server.
    7-Admins should check the forum at least once each day to see new updates
    8-Admins are not allowed to make a special round (in ZP server) after another special round immediatly they must wait 2 rounds 
    9- same managers ranks must not ban each other 
    for example : admin must not ban another admin
    staff must not ban another staff 
    and if you find an equal manager rank is abusing you should report him at the forum 
    Note: If any of these rules get broken you will get a warning on your account then you will be stripped  


    Banning Rules: 

    1-Insulting,Racism (any server) -->(Maximum ban 2 days)
    2-Blocking in every way (any server) -->(Maximum ban 2 days)
    3-Hacking,Spoofing,Bhop hack,Scripts (any server) -->(Permanent ban)
    4-Evaders (any server) --> (Permanent ban)
    5-Spamming (any server) ---> (first:use gag as a punishment) if he/she keeps spamming -->(Maximum 12 hours ban)
    6-Those who doesnt complete their objective,delayers (any server) ---> (maximum ban 12 hours)
    7-Zombies who doesnt try to infect Humans (ZP server) --> (first:slap/slay) then --->(maximum ban 12 hours)
    8-Advertisers (any server) --> (use amx_nick "www.elite-gamerz.com") --> if he/she keeps advertising report him/her on forum to let managers to take a decision.
    9-Reconnecters (any server)--> (maximum ban 12 hours)
    10-Campers (any server) --> (maximum ban 12 hours)
    11-Ghosting (any server) ---> (Maximum 12 hours ban)