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ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. Hello everyone in this community reading this... My suggestion is for admins to be more often online in de dust 2. I have been playing around 3000 mins in and have seen an admin play for more than 30 mins only once. How is this community going to survive from "rule breakers" and hackers. Please @Field do something about it. And for admins be more online you have got a job that you need to guard and do. Thanks For Reading -Shark
  2. I really like it but cant tell a difference xD
  3. Nice map @Field look at this but the problem is we can't put it anywhere
  4. Listen If you would of known RoD we shouldn't open one cuz we dint get players on that and the server died.We need to learn from the mistake we made with the old servers. Thanks but i think the server doesn't needs it (my opinion)
  5. Shark

    Im Back!!

    Thanks guys i will do my best as soon as i get it back!!
  6. Hello everyone probably you know me from RoD and i am finally back and ready to help the community yet again. Thank you for being such a great community. We will be in contact.