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  1. That is true, i'm just personally not a fan of it lol. It can be left in, I just wanted to see what people think about it
  2. If I remember correctly, RoZ didn't have any type of block when you're hit with frost nade. You could still look around, but ofc you couldn't move Also thnx for the fixes^ much appreciated 😄
  3. Hey! Welcome to EG. Hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^
  4. Okay so there are a few things (including a bug or two) that i've noticed in ZP and I decided to make a thread so that we can all input our opinions and have a discussion here. Okay so starting with that little bug I found; I noticed that sometimes, (I can't confirm if this happens all the time) if you're infected while aiming down sights with a weapon (for e.g ethereal, AK Blood) the camera will still be zoomed in even while being a zombie. This resets after dying or the round being reset. Again, nothing major and I can't confirm if this happens 100% of the time, but i'll be sure to clarify if i do manage to find that out. I noticed that with maps that have the sky visible, it's always set at daytime. Just a personal opinion, but I think the sky should be night/dark just to capture the feeling/essence of the whole "Zombies Apocalypse". You guys can feel free to comment your opinion on that. Maps don't seem to get thrown out of the voting process even if they're too recent. So for example if we're on cubeworld, then we change to colors, it's still possible to nominate cubeworld directly after and go back there and it'd even show up in the votes as well. I don't know if it's just me, but the parachute still feels a bit weird to me. Especially as a CT, taking damage from jumping from a high place even while holding E happens way too often and can sometimes end up killing you unintentionally if you're low. If you disable Madness Aura in /fps settings, whenever a zombie uses it, it becomes impossible to tell which zombie is actually using it (unless you're going by sound, and even then it's difficult) What I may suggest is that a slight red glow effect (basically through amx_glow) be added to the zombies when they use madness. For some reason, it's possible for CTs to damage their own sandbag. So for example, shooting at your own planted sandbag will reduce its HP. Idk if that's intentional or not, but I do think that needs to be fixed as it makes SBs pretty much useless in small camping spaces. Also, even after placing a sandbag CTs can't move through them. I think this should be different as sometimes you may want to plant an lasermine in front of the SBs and you just shouldn't be limited in movement options after spending AP on it. Finally on sandbags/lms. Whenever a human plants an lm/sb then dies, their SB/lm disappears. This imo shouldn't be the case as a zombie who actually tries against a Unlimited clip + Ethereal + SB human, should be rewarded (by getting AP) for both infecting a human and taking out their barricades. When you're a zombie and you get frozen by a frost grenade, it freezes both your movement and the ability to look around. This kinda makes things a bit awkward to look at sometimes, especially in survivor mode (when you're getting frozen every few seconds.) while bhopping, this can leave your screen in a very weird angle and kinda makes things hard to look at imo. Finally, I wanna talk about the AK47 Blood. This weapon just does too much damage lol. First of all, it's only 50 AP which is comparable to things like the Ethereal and cheaper than the Gold AK, all while dealing more damage and having better accuracy at far range. There's no reason why it should kill a zombie at 2000HP before even reloading and without getting perfect headshots. I recommend that it either gets reduced damage or drastically increase its AP cost. Ok so I can't stress this enough but once again if @Field is the only one working behind the scenes with code, I don't want you to feel rushed or overloaded with different things. Take your time and fix these things as you best can, I've fiddled with code myself so Ik how stressful it can be. I just wanted to bring notice to these different things in the current state of ZP so that everyone can have their input on these different problems/ideas so we can discuss and work together to fix em! Thanks 😃
  5. Can't exactly tell if there's a difference lol. Is it just a darker shade than the current one?
  6. ZE is still a popular mod. If executed properly it can thrive. But if @Field is the only one handling all the coding for the servers then there's no point in rushing it and pushing more workload on him. Imo let's just work on what we have now, perfect it, and then we can think about the possibility of ZE in the future.
  7. My age: 17 Country: Antigua and Barbuda Years of Gaming: About 11 years now Hobbies: Playing video games, writing, listening to music Nick: ~Unkn0wnK!ll3r~ / Jaldude sup^.^