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  1. hey I just found a plugin Anti-wallhack Helper Tool This plugin is a tool that aims to help admins catching wallhack users by permitting them to make players appear inside the map itself, making them only visible for those who use wallhack. I suggest we put this on server ?
  2. Hello @KLOSEbd and welcome to Elite Gamerz Community . I hope you're finding your way around the Community well. I'm fairly new here myself but no questions go unanswered so am sure you'll find everything you need. Have a good day bb ^^
  3. Name : "Q--BaaL"Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1134208644Server: Public FFATime: 15:10Demo: Rule broken: aimboot
  4. Hello dear friends i've a suggestion for you , it will be a pleasure for me if you accept it , i've played on some servers and i've noticed that they're using some kind of protection when a player joins the server with steam ID changer he'll be disconnected with a message "Tax1r protection : steam ID changer detected" .. it will be very useful if you install this plugin on the servers "taxir protection anti steam ID changer" ... for a good future to all including the community and I suggest adding this plugin on our server This plugin automatically ban players who use spin hacks, after a short period of time. & thanks all
  5. yes 100% cheater and banned by @StonreX proof
  6. Name : "ugly ass white boy" Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1596847131Server: Public FFATime: 21:45Demo: ScreenShot: Rule broken: aimboot
  7. Name : "ManuM3hl"Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:455885411Server: Public FFATime: 18:25Demo: Rule broken: aimboot
  8. Name : "revenge is cruel" Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1596847131 Server: Public FFA Time: 23:16 Demo: ScreenShot: ! Rule broken: aimboot
  9. give me fb 


  10. Hello AdolWelcome to[EG] Elite-Gamerz mate, If you need anything contact me Via-PM and i will be more than happy to help
  11. *my Age : .... 25 ans *my Country: (if you wan) algerai *my city : (if you wan) blida *How Many Years Of Gaming : ..... 6 ans *How You Found Us : ..... facebook