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  1. This map is created by a special friend, whose name is on the map :3

    ===== ::: [*** Zm_Base_Stephany ***] ::: =====

    By El pirucho XP-007


    [[:::(Progress report):::]]

    A secret government base has been working
    secretly in a pathogen capable of making certain
    behaviors in living beings or organism.
    I do not know I had more information about this, since it is
    classified and they are forbidden to talk.

    [[= == Your mission ===]]

    The mission is to enter, inform situation, proceed
    cautiously, eliminate the virus and if possible use
    the brutal force against what is achieved, they have it
    allowed to do And once your information is completed
    they will be prohibited from talking about what they have seen with the public.
    Otherwise he will be taken to prison or killed.







    Link: https://gamebanana.com/maps/202847



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      LiZou Mapper

      You Professional in Mapping 

      I hope like you ... 🙂