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  1. I already have it almost ready, this weekend I publish it in the forum.


    1. StonreX


      Ok we're waiting and thnx for this map man is beautiful 

  2. I was watching ... Elite forum is similar to another and seen, and seen but has oviamente best clualidades .... The reason why this is, is to see if it is possible that they can put the option to put music on their Elite profiles, either through which you can upload it or through a link from YouTube or a link where you have a music. So that you have an idea of what I am referring to, enter this link of my profile of LancelotGames, where it is seen that it is similar to the forum: I'm just giving the idea, I do not know if you want ...
  3. Advancement of the map: cs_dust2_city_elite




    But until now it has face errors:






  4. @StonreX Believe me or not ... Through gamebanana I am advertising the map and the server that you believe it. And that's good, because I attract more people to play the server and register on the page. Poreso published it in gamebanana. But if you want it to be published through a mega or mediafire link ??? That would have to tell me one of the original managers.
  5. Okay, but I do not use any of those download pages, I use MEGAsync.
  6. Okay, but I do not use any of those download pages, I use MEGAsync...
  7. =====:::[***CS_CITY_ELITE***]:::===== By El pirucho XP-007 ( ( Counter-Terrorists: Enter office Compound to rescue the hostages. Take out the Terrorists without jeopardizing the hostages. Terrorists: Prevent Counter-Terrorist force from rescuing the hostages. Other Notes: There are 4 hostages in the mission. Warning: The map may occur in certain lag occasions, due to the open size of the map, but also because of the models that are placed on the map. Maps:
  8. ===== ::: [*** De_Deset_Elite ***] ::: ===== By El pirucho XP-007 ( ( ::: Mission ::: !!!!!Kill!!!!! Maps:
  9. Ok, to one that anyway will have to create at least 2 maps to be able to demonstrate my cunning, or also grab some of my maps that I am creating for the public and aga publicity of the community through it. Ok, trank... Ok, they are what I can ....
  10. Good, in this small contribution I will leave all the utilities that I use when mappear, I will not say or how they are used or how they are configured since that would take a lot and there are tutorials of that in google, the only thing that It is a brief description of each of the programs. Let us begin... 1 °: Valve Hammer Editor. Description: Main tool for creating maps. Download: Images: 2nd: Batch Compiler. Description: Tool for the compilation of the maps and contains other utilities to improve the performance of the map. Download: Images: 3rd: Terrain Generator. Description: Tool used for the creation of level lands, mountains, etc. Download: Images: 4th: GCFScape Description: Tool used to extract textures in .bsp, .wad, etc. Download: Images: 5th: BSP Viewer. Description: Tool used for the decompilation or visualization of maps. Download: Images: 6th: Wally. Description: Tool used to create textures. Download: Images: 7th: Resgen. Description: Tool used to create .res files of your maps. Download: 8 °: ZHLT v34 By Vluzacn's. Description: Tool used for the compilation of maps, goes hand in hand with the Batch Compiler. This is an improved version of the original ZHLT, it has several bug fixes, like lighting on maps, among other things. Download:'
  11. Hi, I'm a mapper, programmer, novice sprite and system student at the "UNEFA" civic military university in Venezuela. I am a mapper of experience, and created maps since I was 13 years old and I have knowledge in the world of mapping, well not in the whole xD, sometimes I'm wrong in some details: Of AMXX codes, not much .-. , I'm trying to handle that issue, but I do have some basic knowledge. I was invited by Gamebanana to this forum, for reasons I will not say :3 Well hopefully it will be helpful in the forum, especially in the topic of maps. One thing I can say is that I do not speak your language well, since I speak Spanish. So they are trying to talk and explain well in their language. If possible I can upload a few good topics to the maper forum, but I would need approval from an administrator and if possible some rank, to be able to give some style to that topic. But well I think that I have to deserve that... If you want to visit my gamebanana account if you want to know something more about my maps and themes: Well hopefully it will be helpful in this forum.