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ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. that's not a reason because he insulted me too and he makes me an insect cuz he thinks he is the owner and what about Noise? he insulted you 10 times and he written a (means a bad thing) and you don't speak with him ,that only cuz he is cm>? wow answer me fast cuz i think u have a lot omfg @Field @StonreX
  2. Yo *Name : ( alphaNumeric ) *Reason : ( Can I know why i get banned bruh @Field @Field ???????? ) *Admin Name : ( Stonrex i think ) *Unban Time : ( i think it's permanently ) *Server: ( FORUM ) CAN I ONLY KNOW WHY??
  3. *my Age : 14  *my Country: Palestine *my city : Nablus *How Many Years Of Gaming : 7  *How You Found Us : The admin alphaNumeric says to me *My Hobby : make Bum Bum hope i interesting with you guys! :P