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ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. Case Is solved about month ago & Shiva Replied Right On The Time.
  2. Congratulations To EG . @Field still have that access issue.
  3. According to The Title: [Striping Useless People] People = More than 1 . I Don't Think Night is More than one. Secondly I agree Night is Inactive Since Long time but who the damn is even focusing This cm? 2Months Im Still Accesless. I Contacted many of you but one of you blocked me cuz i called him bro, but the thing that wondered me according to his gender he is male,I messaged you in nov about access = not even reply but msg was seen, next msg in dec, seen but not reply. even tho being accesless i still manage ban/unban reqs.I dont know i will be directly removed too or i would have my access or blame that im not active and removed.
  4. I don't Know Who Banned Adol but This Kind Of Reason Is Not acceptable With Our Respected Members. Requesting Admin To Be Careful Next time & To Post The Demo In 24h.
  5. Well According To My Moderation Accesses, Report Abusing Admin / Staff Is Also in that list. As Im not sure that I have right to solve the issues of admin abuse section So I will just stat My Opinion. First OF All What Ever was happening in ZP that time was wrong. secondly Adol Just Got t unbanned because he was never proved hacker so you cant say anything to Adol till you Don't Prove what you think. and that is all clean that Sh!va used invisible glow, which is against the rules.but according to shiva he was just testing and was trying to show this to Aldo. As He Is Good Ban Manager and we Never Heared a Single Complain Of Shiva Before This, We Cant Take Any Action Against him.Yeah What he did was wrong so for this time i would like to request @TheLegendaryNV' To Just Warn him for this time.And It Is All in The Hands @TheLegendaryNV' As He is Handling This case. NeverRespected, BanManager, Argue
  6. ban for this forum? explain in moroco language so i can translate it. i dont even think u even know about translator.
  7. + Free Insult.Never Damn Appriciate Anyone for whatever the fuck they do for This single server. I Dont want to call this shit community
  8. This will be Rejected By Most Respected Owners Of All Time. Because Our Most Respected Owner's Friend Use Hacks so he Can unban them even if someone ban them. But if they installed this plugin then our most respected owner's friend can not use wh.
  9. Try To Go School Bro & you will have a busy life
  10. xD @StonreX What the damn you are talking about? 6 hours a day? like a job?I Fucking Now Understand Why RoD aka EG closed 3 times before. The Owners don't have time just to see that the staff member have access or not.they are contacting us for access or not. just active 6 hours or else we will remove you. Damn Kid brain. i dont think you will be even 12
  11. You Need to Wait 1 Week Till Owners Know What Is Happening In Their Community.
  12. I'm Leaving This Community. I don't Even Think Someone have Intrest On this community. One Owner Give me access then one take Trying To Talk With Farouk since 15 days for access but no answer. (even msgs are seen by him). When I Tried to Talk To StonRex and He suddenly Blocked my after My single message "bro" Since Today, i cant Ban / Unban Player. and Mr.StonRex Is Telling Me To active or Remove. Now I Understand Why This is the 3rd time EG is Opened. Yeah, I quited cs after RoZ and Started after Eg but didnt knew that this kind of behavior Im goona face in future of EG. I still Feel Proud When I manage Ban/Unban Request but what benefit? Accessless Manager 🙂 and Im So Sorry To Predict this But This Community Willn't Exist More than 2 months. But It Was Must To Expose Stonrex & Farouk Careless Behavior For This Community regards RemovedBanManager
  13. Argue


    He Is Already Banned By Stonrex. #Denied #Closed
  14. First of all, you dont need to make threads you can ask anyone personally secondly hackers should be banned permanently according to rules you dont need to make threads. just post your demo if player post unban request. #Denied #Closed.
  15. There Are 2 Points In this case: Some Of Our Staff Members Think That @Adol Is Guilty But as We Don't Have Any Proof So We Can't Take Any Action Against Till he is not proved Guilty. 2) Unbaning @Adol Just Because We Don't Have Any Proof Against you but remember, we will have extra eye on you especially mine as im handling your case. #Accepted #Locked