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ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. FIRST BUG IS : ULTIMATE AMMO PACKS Idk if that is real "bug" bcs it can be and hacker. But i saw 3-4 new ppl that just joined and they was have ultimate ammo packs. Soo if it is real bug and not hackers pls can u try to fix it. SECOND BUG IS: PARA LOW/LOST EFFECT That happend usually when u jump from high place and on that moment parachute lose effect or low effect but on both of them when u arrive on land u lose hp for zombies that cant be a difficult problem but for humans can die. soo @Field can u fix them if u can.
  2. It say u donthave premission to see that content
  3. MaEsTrOByBeRi


    @Adolu both play with steam?
  4. I think diffrenc is blue lime toxine on hes hand
  5. In fact its very easy to get mode of roz and zod bcs those mods are evrywhere what u need to do its just write mods of RoZ/ ZoD and all fiels is there
  6. Nice job and soon i can play again
  7. Can i do some logo 🙂 since i dont do anythink
  8. Welcome back man i hope u will enjoy again time with team
  9. @Sh!vago to settings and go to screen recordes and change 30 fps to 60 and boom
  10. Ik i have virus but i cant fix that or buy new one soon
  11. Guys i want to tell u somethink. Maybe i not gona play anymore, bcs of my bugs on all my gameplay. sooo since i found a way i cant play with u guys. Since i fix or buy new pc i will not be able to play. 😔😔 I hope u will gona understand me, im gona try sometime to play but idk. I cant play soo if u think @Fieldor @StonreX u can took my adm. Its a goodbye but not forever 😔😔.