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  1. zm_Small_v1 : http://www.mediafire.com/file/9f63ytl7te7f82c/zm_small_v1.rar/file zm_desertMort : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rjggidj1wd71wsu/zm_desertMort.rar/file
  2. In fact this is not made of roz because there is no logo roz on the bag who made this parachute is "GarDLorin"
  3. bro i told if you have any problam on cs tall me
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  6. Summarize: --------------- the first time i saw servers cs 1.6 in 2006 ,i started playing in 2008 my name was Ka14 I would die every round and i was have hated the game. Almost a year later my cousin he was very pro named The Real Q111 (Player HNS), he show me how to play and show me server zombie IaGo| like roz, but I didn't play every day so i stayed noob. After three years Q111 saw roz in 2011-2012 and he give me ip .. it was server great, i became pro player very fast. But there is one i hate him so much named [P.L.A]~S.W.A.T, because of him i got ban forever all servers in roz and zod and lgk reason script , but i still play 1.6. Believe it or not I didn't know meaning of the f*cking this script or Hack. But I continued to play and read the whole game and became a coder in amxmodx and I was able to make server/script/hack and change the game Balakmal. And now i opened a page in YouTube to fix the game and help. that me [Hn.S]~Xmix~` ,) sory for my bad english