ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. Sh!va


    we have so much problems with bans we cant ban from console proof": [AMXBans] You are not authorized to ban via Console. this eror is with amx_banip / amx_ban and specially with amx_banmenu when someone banned and comme in the server again you cant ban him and its say's "This playeris already banned" we need some fixes on bans
  2. @* Spirit * not just me . he want all admins be active 6 hours .... who can do that ? no one. and all staffs and managers will be stripped as he said when they dont be active 6 hours this is not rules its just "force"
  3. i didint say anything @StonreX i just say i can just be active just 2 hours but if this not good for you . you can remove my acces
  4. hello owners and staffs and members i dont know why i should be active 6 hours per day this is too much we dont have just cs in our life . we have work/studying/ECT. i can be active just 2 hours per day . @StonreX if this is not good i cant do better . you can remove my acces if you want and i think no one from admins can be active 6 hours per day .
  5. there is 2 hackers on this demo "revange is cruel" and "krk" anyways thnx for raporting he will be banned try to give me the steam id of krk #accepted #closed
  6. @Field i saw him and i was asking my self about him and after 2 hours he got banned from you so i think he's not clean but you have luck @Adol my eyes will be on you so be careful i think its not accespted and not denied we will see about you ,,, regards Sh!va
  7. lol i knew it from the first i told you. i dont think field will ban u for no reason . so as a ban manager this topic is denied #denied #locked
  8. good job bro he's fuc*ing cheater thnx for raport he will be banned #Accepted #locked
  9. Sh!va

    Hey EG

    we all know you are lucky ,,,, you know what im talking about :))))
  10. @StonreX i think you should creat a group of mapers am i right ?
  11. @[N]o Me[R]cY bro i know you want be admin , just be patiend and wait for the app it will be ready at 02/01/2019
  12. hello and have fun
  13. congrast guys have fun i am so happy for you all and specialy for Aldo