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ADMIN APP IS CLOSED AND THE WINNERS HASE BEEN CHOOSED PLEASE CONTACT FIELD TO GET PASSWORD AND POWER IN SERVER Existing Admins Must Pm Field With their steam id's and names to get their admin back


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  1. this model is for 3.7 not 8.5
  2. @Field dont worry
  3. welcome i hope you will enjoy your time with EG team ^^
  4. @TheLegendaryNV' good job dude .
  5. @Fakusagi and @Ebuduk congrast guys we really need old player of RoZ have fun and enjoy your time with us best regards KAMASUTRA 9G / Sh!va
  6. good job i really love it ❤️
  7. @Adolim taking care about bans . i didint ban u cuz i dont have a proof that's why i didint accept it . but dont worry , you will be catched i dk when but np . i have 1 question .you think your self you can know what i am doing ? this is my job okay its not yours . and who said you are unbanned ??
  8. lol i think this time you will be banned for sure . this is the second time . i am asking @Field to ban you permanently from our servers i didint do that cuz you raport me .i just do that because i am a ban manager 🙂
  9. okay okay okay you make laugh man xD first thing you was banned from ffa how did you back here its just for your luck cuz farouk was not rocording a demo . you was cheating and you are now talking about abuse ?? and you said you was co_owner of RoZ ?? you are just a lier and cheater and ask anyone from ffa and he will tell you "he's cheater" . lol dude farouk banned you cuz you are using aim + wall and this is right i saw you using some cheats and i said its impossible and i told you "my eyes will be on you " but after 2 hours you got banned . about what you are talking you noob i want just asking you . why did you raport just me ? you have probleme with me ?? there is admins was using it i dont know to say names and they was using it when you are in the server am i right or no .. second i was using that for 1 sec or 2 i was showing it for aldo cuz he told me to show it for him ... @Mr.Aldo am i right or no ? is that clear for you @Adol ? i will say it for you again be carefull cuz if i saw cheating you will be banned from our servers globaly i was just testing it and that will never happened again best regards. Sh!va.
  10. You are required to reply here pls ->