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    Description: Maximum Players: 32 - 16 CT and 16 TT Mode: Rescue of hostages. Images: Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!OaggWITD!xbgO0xmQclpGfpEfgghQmZ8z6WtCmVWTHWdsO1wzEI0
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    Thank you guys for your welcome. Me and Ebuduk are going to do our best to help the community. If anyone has questions, don't hesitate to ask it.
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    Good job bro 🙏
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    tell us your opinion about the new logo it take me long time to set the effects
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    readed i will start working tomrrow .. best regard @Field
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    um u will see it when she is open ...
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    Here We Go A Zp Server For Eg Team Enjoy it Guys
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    Welcome m8. Enjoy your stay! ^
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    Map By : .:Me:. Take some idea cs_assault ze_atix_panic ze_assault_escape ze_atix_assault2.zip
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    nice work but we dont have a ze server i guest it will be my next direction .... map Approved .. king regards Field
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    great job bro! 😄
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    looks like i motived u a little bit keep it up bro nice work tko let u now guys this communnity is for not only me kinf regard field
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    i will be active every time cuz this month i have much more exam but after ihave holiday
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    For Me Ilike it Good Job
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    https://www.sendspace.com/file/dlzu4s Look at this skin, are you searching for this ? @Field @StonreX @Kaito#KiD This skin has been used by roz...