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    You Have lag at our servers ? Follow these steps and get rid of this lag forever!   FIRST: OPEN YOUR CS AND PRESS (`) TO OPEN THE CONSOLE, SECOND: HERE IS A LIST OF COMMANDS YOU SHOULD PLACE, ACCORDING TO YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 56KB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 3500 cl_cmdrate 30 cl_cmdbackup 2 cl_updaterate 11 cl_dlmax 56 IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 128KB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 6000 cl_cmdrate 20 cl_updaterate 15 cl_rate 9999 cl_cmdbackup 2 IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 256KB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 9000 cl_cmdrate 25 cl_updaterate 20 cl_rate 9999 cl_cmdbackup 2 IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 512KB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 17000 cl_cmdrate 35 cl_updaterate 30 cl_rate 9999 or 17000 cl_cmdbackup 2 IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 1MB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 25000 cl_cmdrate 99 cl_cmdbackup 2 cl_updaterate 99 cl_dlmax 800 IF YOU HAVE INTERNET OF 2MB/s, PUT THIS COMMANDS IN CONSOLE: rate 26000 cl_cmdrate 50 cl_updaterate 50 cl_rate 9999 cl_cmdbackup 2 FOR LAN OR FASTER INTERNET CONNECTIONS: rate 100000 cl_cmdrate 101 cl_cmdbackup 0 cl_updaterate 101 cl_dlmax 1024 You're done! I hope this helps you alot! [ElG]King Maroc Moh3#!}
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    Im Taken The Final Decision About The Team Who are responsible for governance matters I believe that they will do everything in their power to make the situation here ahead of time and They have faithfully served the enterprise Now I Will Announce Your Places Guys And Im Trusting You : Owners : * Dr@gon ( Special Thanks For This Man Did A lot Of Things For us ) . Co-Owner : * Night ( I Dont Now Why But You Deserve it ) . Community manager : * TheLegendaryNV' ( You are The Core Of this ) . * Kaito#KiD ( This Man Have A Great Skills ) . Ban manager : * Argue ( He Have A good Knowledge About Amxx Commands ) . * Tripper ( I know That You Will Do Your Bast ) . Staff : * King Maroc Moh3 ( Represent My Country And Good Friend ) . This Is All For Now Im Trusting You Guys And Im Shure That You will Do Your Best For This Community . If You Didn't Understand A Part In ips Let Explain it for ya . And Special Thanks To All Our Old And New Numbers
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    @MaEsTrOByBeRi welcome 🙂
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    hello [ELG] team so much ppl want gif at background with their names if you want it text me give me your name and the photo you want and i will do it for you free like my background TrippeR .
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    i have unbanned you but like @TrippeR said i dont see you clain enought plz try to play with your experience next cuz the next ban will be permanent and when you try to join us plz remove ur sgs script
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    @alphaNumeric lol man there is hacks for steam too but i dk if you are cheater or not i didint see the demo i think field dont ban for no reason good luck @Field ...
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    @alphaNumeric http://www.mediafire.com/view/s6ss2pcllh6c5vc/numeric.gif/file
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    i asked @Field for a demo proof, pleas wait
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    i didin't understand anything
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    Good Job bro. Must Be Appreciate.
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    good joob @alphaNumeric
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    hello guys, the server have a levels, it should be when you get high level you got more extras likes more hp, or armor, or a big purchate ,or fast speed ,or gravity something else. Thank you all.
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    last time i checked, there is only 1 server :/
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     *my Age : 13 *my Country: Jordan *my city : Amman *How Many Years Of Gaming : 3 years of NC and ZP and 8 on cs *How You Found Us : i was older RoZ player and i know RoD so i found this clan so hello guys i hope i playing with you on servers 😛
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    Welcome please keep up to date with us.
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    Welcome Dude. Hope you will enjoy your stay with us 🙂
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    Welcome To Elite-GamerZ Community Mr alpha 😎
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    Welcome Bro
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    Welcome Bro ❤️
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    i'd love to play nc with u
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    My Real Name : Mohammed Chaali My Old Nicknames : [RoZ]King Maroc Moh3#!} / [RoD]King Maroc Moh3#!}/ [RoD] INFERNO/King The New Nick : [ElG]King Maroc Moh3#!} My Country : Morocco My City : EL Jadida Years of Gaming : 5 years My Hobbies : FootBall
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    my real name = Aziz my old nicknames = JoKeR /Exotic#Alpha /kaneky /TokyoGhoul/ Snoopy the new nick = KAMASUTRA 9G My country = Tunisia my city =Rades years of gaming = 6 years my hobbies = Kick Boxing and drifting
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    My age = almost 18 Country = Albania City = Tirona Years Of Gaming = Well i'd say a lot How did i find you = Luck brought me here Liking = Bikes, Gym, Sports in General Do i like chocolate? = Hell yes Mastered anything? = yea, things like wheelie with my bike (search it on youtube), i am a AWP player and Nc king :P Additional things = anyone remembers :010: ?