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  3. byberi this is not a bug i now what it is please il look this topic ..
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  5. hi bro and welcom to family enjoy ^^
  6. FIRST BUG IS : ULTIMATE AMMO PACKS Idk if that is real "bug" bcs it can be and hacker. But i saw 3-4 new ppl that just joined and they was have ultimate ammo packs. Soo if it is real bug and not hackers pls can u try to fix it. SECOND BUG IS: PARA LOW/LOST EFFECT That happend usually when u jump from high place and on that moment parachute lose effect or low effect but on both of them when u arrive on land u lose hp for zombies that cant be a difficult problem but for humans can die. soo @Field can u fix them if u can.
  7. As you know, comrades, we want this family to succeed. As part of this effort, I would like to tell you that I received an offer from some people telling me that we can join forces so that there will be more players and members. and u now guys im the only owner here and As we all know, one hand does not clap. so i like to have your opinions for real . think about it guys we can be something bigger . visit them guys http://hentai-squad.com/ i would like to tell the staffs that they will keep their power .....
  8. 5c44cf490a95f.jpg.65e59dbd5f44d117c81bf0f1ff5b96bf.jpg


    1. Field


      hhhhh nice from ya ❤️

  9. hi Man :) 

  10. Field

    Hi :)

    wessam welcome feel it as yours bra ...
  11. That is true, i'm just personally not a fan of it lol. It can be left in, I just wanted to see what people think about it
  12. idk it will help the humans to block zombies from seeying their direction ...
  13. If I remember correctly, RoZ didn't have any type of block when you're hit with frost nade. You could still look around, but ofc you couldn't move Also thnx for the fixes^ much appreciated 😄
  14. StonreX

    Hi :)

    WTF Why do you lie to the text of its owner, Perushoo-XP, and you took it from him? We Will take a décision on you Best Regard StonreX
  15. ok @~Unkn0wnK!ll3r~ sky fixed and sb fixed ak 47 and ak blood fixed but i wan you to do me a favor by telling me why roz had that kind of block in here frost nade ?
  16. cs-skini.me/csfull/ copy and paste it
  17. Hey! Welcome to EG. Hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^
  18. Have you tried Warzone?
  19. Wassim

    Hi :)

    Hi, I'm a mapper, programmer, novice sprite and system student at the "UNEFA" civic military university in Venezuela. I am a mapper of experience, and created maps since I was 13 years old and I have knowledge in the world of mapping, well not in the whole xD, sometimes I'm wrong in some details: Of AMXX codes, not much .-. , I'm trying to handle that issue, but I do have some basic knowledge. I was invited by Gamebanana to this forum, for reasons I will not say :3 Well hopefully it will be helpful in the forum, especially in the topic of maps. One thing I can say is that I do not speak your language well, since I speak Spanish. So they are trying to talk and explain well in their language. If possible I can upload a few good topics to the maper forum, but I would need approval from an administrator and if possible some rank, to be able to give some style to that topic. But well I think that I have to deserve that... If you want to visit my gamebanana account if you want to know something more about my maps and themes: https://gamebanana.com/members/1524322 Well hopefully it will be helpful in this forum.
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