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    • we have so much problems with bans we cant ban from console  proof": 
      [AMXBans] You are not authorized to ban via Console. this eror is with amx_banip / amx_ban  and specially with amx_banmenu when someone banned and comme in the server again you cant ban him and its say's "This playeris already banned" we need some fixes on bans   
    • 1)Hi Guys, Look at this bug, every player and members can speak with   admin comand. @Kaito#KiD sorry i cant dm you in privat server... @StonreX @Field proof : Proof 2 :  2) Other "bug" is, no admins chat more, did you delete it ? how can i speak with an admin when any hacker is on server.... Thanks for your time.
    • irespect all this rules and ty and good luck
    • i will respect all the rules here 
    • Guys forget what StonreX said  Its naturally no one can be online 6 hours and even 3 hours  You all have your life, job , school, studying , enjoying with ur family & friends and sleeping  But we talk in general , be active in server as you much as you can  30 min or 1 hour 1.5 hour you can do like that But not as stonrex said 6 hours !  Its sure no one can do that , i felt a moment that he wants you to pray for the server hahahah  Enjoy your time ^_^ Regards , Kaito#KiD #Closed.
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